Maritime VSAT

Our Maritime packages are suitable for any vessel or fleet including Dredgers, Cargo ships, Oil and Gas Platforms, Navy vessels, Cruise Ship, Ferries and Yachts. The packages are customer tailored to ensure quality service on one hand and cost effectiveness on the other. The package size varies according to our customer's needs and wants (starting at 64Kbps to 4Mbps).

    iosat also offers a leasing agreement of 3 to 5 years that includes all equipment, connectivity service and technical service. We allow the ship owner a constant low payment stream rather than large capital investment and focus on his core business without a need to worry about communication.
iosat equipment package include:

      • Marine stabilized Satellite Antenna
      • Feed KU/C band
      • BUC 
      • LNB KU/C band
      • Satellite Modem
      • Router
      • VoIP gateway
      • UPS

      We are conducting a site survey on each vessel to determine with our customers the best installation manner that suits the vessel.

        iosat is providing security and remote video applications to vessels around the world. We supply applications such as oil and gas underwater well inspection and pirate fighting.