Fuel Management


iosat offers a fully automated fuel control system with a real-time monitor and control of the fuel distribution and management. The system achieve the following design goals:

  • Recognition – Recognize in real-time that there is a threat to the asset
  • Protection – Protect the asset
  • Reliability – Provide a reliable solution
  • Independence – The solution relies as much as possible on technology and eliminates the dependence on the Haman Factor. 
  • Effectiveness – short ROI. 
  • Maintainability – Easy to maintain. 
  • Simplicity – Easy to operate. 
Our Solution to fuel management is Real time accurate measurement of received fuel quantity and quality and measurement of fuel level in all tanks as well as permission based fueling to vehicles, allowing major cost reduction.


iosat is offering its customers to take control of their fuel distribution system and make sure that loss is minimalized (theft and leakage).
We help our customers to achieve the goal of managing their fuel inventory in all distribution phases, making sure that what is Purchased – is Received – is Delivered – and Consumed, all in real time.